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Field of activities

  • Job order productions of burners for the industrial furnace manufacturing according to drawings
  • Manufactoring including construction
  • Tube Regenerator ROREBS as a licence product
  • Repairs of industrial furnaces
  • Rework or repair of burner parts
  • Manufactoring of furnace doors (also with insulation of heat resistant ceramic products or concrete)
  • Conventional steel and metal manufacturing
  • Special constructions
  • Machining of hand, form and centri-spun castings

Material programme

  • Standard steels, construction steels and special steels
  • Stainless products, acid and heat resistant products
  • Grey cast iron, meehanite, centri-spun and stainless steel products
  • Hastelloy (2.4633 or 2.4851 etc.)
  • Turned parts from grey cast iron untill 200 mm

Manufacturing examples

  • Burner bodies and individual components
  • Turned Parts
  • Regenerative systems
  • Steel tube burners
  • Oven Valves
  • Pipelines
  • Burner disks and intermediate pieces
  • Ventilation shafts and wheels
  • Pressure chains
  • Roller for kiln or transport in furnace
  • Pilot burners
  • Furnace doors
  • Welded burners
  • Laser parts